Ram Trucks: Benefits for Winter Driving, and Typical Winter Maintenance Tasks

Throughout the winter months, drivers frequently encounter slick roads, deep snow drifts, and heavily salted roads that rapidly accelerate rust. Not only do drivers need to prepare their vehicles for the months of difficult weather ahead, but choosing a vehicle capable of safely and confidently traversing perilous road conditions is essential to ensure your safety. Ram trucks stand as ideal contenders for drivers in northern climates due to their robust 4x4 powertrains, dependability and broad wheelbase.

Assisting drivers in selecting, purchasing and maintaining their trucks, Patriot Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of McAlester's extensive selection of new and used ram vehicles, alongside our team of experienced MoparĀ® mechanics within our state-of-the-art service center ensure drivers throughout our service area receive the assistance they need in obtaining and maintaining their trucks throughout the winter months.

Ram Trucks: Ideal for Slick, Snowy Roads

Ram trucks utilize tried-and-true engines to provide ample power when needed most - starting despite frigid temperatures, and exerting plenty of low-end torque to ensure drivers can avoid getting stuck in deep snow. With certain models equipped with locking differentials, the four-wheel drive systems manage to deliver equal quantities of engine power to all four wheels, as opposed to the typical "open differential" featured on other four-wheel drive vehicles that could result in only two-wheel drive performance should both a front and rear wheel find themselves in the air. Between the impressive engine output and robust four-wheel drive engineering featured on Ram trucks, drivers looking for a formidable vehicle to tackle winter driving will find their desires met with a new or used Ram truck.

Equipment and Capabilities

Whether choosing the new Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 3500 or higher, drivers receive optional four-wheel drive capabilities alongside differential lockers on select trim levels. Further refined with selectable drive modes that include snow and ice settings, Ram trucks come fitted for the road ahead - regardless of the weather. Capable of off-roading and navigating blizzards with ease, drivers seeking a dependable four-wheel drive truck will find the Ram lineup uniquely equipped to confidently travel during the winter.

Winter Services

Preparing your vehicle for winter can be difficult - between selecting the right tires, checking your battery and alternator performance and making sure your undercarriage is properly protected, it's easy to become overwhelmed and lose track of what service tasks you have or have not performed. At Patriot Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of McAlester, our team of experienced service mechanics scour your vehicle to ensure it's prepared for the months ahead. Whether you're seeing a lighter grade of oil in your next oil change to better handle the colder months, an undercoating to protect your truck's components from the rust-accelerating salt, or snow tires to better handle slippery terrain, our team of service technicians quickly and efficiently identify and repair whatever tasks your vehicle requires.

Why Prepare Your Truck For Winter?

If left unattended, the minimal siping of summer tires, thicker viscosity of normal oil grades, and potential poor charge retention of an old battery may all result in your vehicle either refusing to start after sitting outside on a cold night or even sliding off the road when the weather gets tricky. Furthermore, a non-undercoated truck will experience a rapid and potentially dangerous onset of rust - an ailment all vehicles suffer from, but one from which no vehicle recovers. However, if preventative measures are taken to stop rust from forming, drivers' vehicles will outlast even brand new models that have been neglected during the winters by skipping an undercoat.

Patriot Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of McAlester: Prepare Your Ram for Winter

Whether you're shopping for a new Ram pickup truck to more confidently travel during the winter months, or to prepare your current Ram truck for the difficult months ahead, Patriot Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of McAlester and our team of sales and service professionals tirelessly work to ensure you remain confidently on the road in spite of blizzards and ice storms. Stop by our dealership to speak with a service center representative, or give us a call to schedule your next service appointment today!

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