Suspension Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Consisting of a series of springs, shock absorbers, and assorted linkages to wheels, your vehicle's suspension is what supports its weight, minimizes impact from movements on roads, and helps with tire contact. If any parts of your suspension system aren't working properly, it may become difficult to control your vehicle.

Poor alignment due to uneven tire pressure, a sticking brake caliper, or issues with tie rods or the steering rod can cause your vehicle to shift too far to one side or another while driving. Worn shock absorbers could leave you feeling every bump in the road, and worn shocks or struts can produce car noises and forward or backward leaning during acceleration.

Maintenance with modern suspensions is usually minimal, although we recommend checking your tire pressure every 1,000 to 3,000 miles. If you are experiencing noticeable difficulty controlling your vehicle, especially with stops and turns, visit our dealership to find the parts you need for a suspension upgrade or repair.

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