Can Transfer Case Transmissions Shift to 4X4 While Moving?

Whether or not a given 4X4 vehicle can shift from two-wheel to four-wheel drive while moving depends on several factors, including the type of transfer case in use and the type of vehicle in question. Come along with the Patriot Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of McAlester service team as we explore the common types of transfer cases.

Manual shift cases can shift from regular to high-four without stopping but must stop to engage low gear. Electronic shift transfer cases use special motors to engage the switch box. While easy to use and engage, many models need to be at rest in order to shift into 4X4 low setting.

Whichever kind of transfer case transmission you have, it definitely needs regular and thorough servicing. Most designers recommend that you have your transmission professionally inspected at intervals consistent with those found on your owners manual.

If it's been awhile since your transfer case had an inspection, you'll be pleased to know that our certified and experienced technicians have deep experience dealing with transmission issues. For a no-obligation talk about the state of your vehicle, swing by our McAlester auto service center today.

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